Client Area
16:51 03/11/2011

We are pleased to announce that the migration to GeoTrust for our website security certificates is now complete.We appologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.
17:04 01/11/2011

Thank you all for your patience while we change our security certificate provider.
Today we have entered into final verification with GeoTrust and expect to be issued with the new certificate tomorrow.
11:12 26/10/2011

After reading about GlobalSign (our current ssl certificate provider) negatively in the press (inc the BBC) over the past couple of months we have decided to change to GeoTrust which is part of the same company as VeriSign.
Unfortunately though this has taken slightly longer than was anticipated. The site is still encrypted and you should be able to use site normally during this time although if you have any further problems please let us know.
We hope to have an update and resolution from GeoTrust shortly.
17:45 24/08/2010

We are currently upgrading the system. The system will be available again as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.
21:30 23/08/2010

Thank you for your consideration and ongoing patience. We have identified the cause of the problem which was, in part, due to the difference between British and American date formats.

This being said, we want to continue testing tonight and tomorrow to ensure that there are no further underlying problems. With this in mind we have continued the provision of this temporary website which will enable you to keep using the system as normal.

All you need to do is login using the username and password boxes above.

We apologise once again for the inconvenience caused but would like to assure you that the new server will be worth the wait, with performance increased now and new system features coming in the near future.

Please contact us if you would like any further information.
13:00 23/08/2010

Thank you for your patience while we investigate the problems that have been encountered this morning. We believe we have identified the cause of the problem and are working on a resolution.

In the meantime we have setup a temporary site which will enable you to use the system as normal (although with a different logo). If you need to access the system this afternoon please use the following link:

11:00 23/08/2010

We have had a number of problems reported this morning following our server upgrade this weekend. We are currently investigating the problems, which appear to be related.

We appologise for the inconvenience caused and will post an update shortly.